Walk with Me!

On each continent of Earth, the WalkingOurWorld Foundation will set up and support at least one community that provides a new way of engaging with living a valuable, valid & meaningful life that contributes to the creation of a life experience that generates greater happiness, health, humour, hope & harmony for anyone that chooses to participate.

The community will first require land and the infrastructure necessary to sustain the basics of life.  Fresh water, chemical free food production, eco conscious housing (Earth ships seem the best option I have seen thus far www.earthship.com ), eco sensitive clothing and education that develops & maintains opportunity for every one of us to contribute to the health & well being of the Planet, rather than to continually “take”.

As never before in the history of humanity we have the opportunity to recognize the effect we are having on the Planet & to actively, consciously take action to live a life that goes beyond “sustainable” and positions us all as nurturers, carers, stewards & creators in the tapestry of life.  It may sound very high principled & just a little naive to you.

It is high principled perhaps – but not naive.

Our naivety is that which currently has us consuming more than 150% of the earth’s output every year.  We are eating rapidly into the CAPITAL of life on Earth.  This cannot continue.  Not must not, or should not.  It cannot continue!  Our naivety sees us counting 11 massive gyres of waste plastic in our oceans and growing every day.  Our naivety sees us using timber, fuel, water, soil as though there is no tomorrow – and frankly if we continue to use & abuse in our current fashion, there IS no tomorrow!  Or at least not one that will have any beauty.  Our naivety is polluting our water, soil, air, forests, destroying species faster than ever before – consuming & destroying the foundational elements that sustain us.  We have to change course.

This is not any longer about our childrens, childrens children.  It is here and now.  We are in the drivers seat of possibility right now and can choose to continue to engage in a way of life that offers no real hope for our continued existence – or we can use all that we bring to embrace the necessary lifestyle to create an incredible & beautiful future for ourselves and for all of life.

That is why I am walking.  To speak of balance, peace & freedom.  To establish a community of people all over the world who embrace their creative ability to be nurturers, carers, stewards& creators in the tapestry of life.  We have never been in a better position to come together, communicate with each other, embrace our innate desire to live our lives in balance with this Earth of which we are an intrinsic part.

Of course we can simply sail on into disaster – but if we have the passion, the will, the communication, the intelligence, the choice & so many of us who have become aware – why would we choose such a tragic course.  Once again I call to you to “walk with me”.  Let’s begin to create a way of life on this one and only life sustaining planet Earth and lets begin by creating communities all over the Earth that live in this way.  That is what your donation assists to create, that is what your YES to walk with me creates, that is what embracing your passion to live a fulfilling life creates.  Walk with me as the WalkingOurWorld Foundation & the New Humanities Collaborative Communities & Earthships and many others converge on the the same point to create a present that unfolds into a bright & hope filled future.

Walk with me.