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The Village

Substance of Substance

Fri 22nd March – Sun 24th March, 2019

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This will be a MEMBERSHIP private gathering. MEMBERSHIP sign on ends Wed 20th March 2019.

The energy movement of The Village is the



Everyone enters the land under a treaty with one another to be there together in Peace.
Bring yourself, your family and friends. All are welcome.
There are bush toilets, fires, a delicious hot tub by the creek, fabulous swimming hole, shady spots, delightful people, roads suitable for two or four wheel drive and the rest is up to you.
Based on Ubuntu principles (I am because we are) and contribution, the Village is an ongoing social experiment where you participate by bringing your unique gifts and offerings.
Bring enough food for your crew and a little more then donate it all to the community kitchen or cook for yourself if you prefer.
At other Villages unique and beautiful offerings have included:
Massage and bodywork, ceremonies and dancing, coffee and chai spaces
Sound baths, crystal bowls and gongs
Land regeneration and tree planting
Didge healings….workshops….childcare
Community kitchen and cooking
Campfire discussions and sharing, sweatlodge
Dance party….acoustic music…talent show
Cuddle puddles, hug patrols
Pancake, pizza and sourdough making workshops
Henna design, paint and colour
Bushwalking and famunity farm tour
World’s biggest tree swing, existential wisdom
and so so much more…..bring your own special offering!  That is the beauty of every Villager making their unique contribution!
Check in about the wisdom of bringing your caravan down to the creek flat.
An opening ceremony is held to draw everyone and everything together for the duration of the gathering, and the rest is up to every participant and what they want to bring.

Entry to The Village is by membership.

We do this because this is a gathering of each and every person as a friend or a friend to be.  So we remove tickets as a way to gain entry and ask you to become a member of The Village.
It looks at first like you have to have Paypal to collect your membership.  That is not the case.  If you click through, you can use your credit card or debit card instead of Paypal.

You may also choose to pay cash at the entrance to The Village.  Should you choose this option, entry price will be $100 per person.  Under 18 remains free membership.

NB:  Why is there any charge at all?  There are some costs that we simply cannot cover through contribution as we transition to a full contribution and Ubuntu experience.  These include petrol for the mowers, mower parts, (its a tough spot to mow, both the creek flat and the driveways) tarpaulins and covers, toilet paper and waste disposal, transport, rates, road repair and lots more.  A small basic charge for everyone helps (but so far, doesn’t completely) cover those things.  We minimise the contribution and have a policy to continue to contain the membership fee as much as possible with each Village gathering.  Villagers who return and thus contribute to the energy, benefit with a lower membership financial contribution as a way of demonstrating gratitude for their ongoing contribution.

Welcome to The Village The Substance of Substance.

Please click through and become a member now!

Level Price  
Adult Villager $50.00 now.
Membership expires after 12 Weeks.
Adult Villager Couple $80.00 now.
Membership expires after 12 Weeks.
Under 18 Villager Free
Membership expires after 12 Weeks.

Welcome to Village – The Substance of Substance.


After themes like  The Village 6 – IMAGINATION, The Village 7 – FREEDOM, The Village 8 – PATTERN and the Village 9 – CHAOS, The Village 0 – COMPLETION & REBIRTH!

Welcome to The Village – The Substance of Substance. As we enter The Village we continue to hone the raw material of this exquisite vision.  The SUBSTANCE of SUBSTANCE means we can witness the raw material that each of us bring to the space to add to the matrix or tapestry of our gathering and our lives.  We are taking the necessary steps to bring this substance into FORM and this edition of The Village is crucial in creating the form of our attraction to this community and vision.

It is a celebration that we have come this far. We have created something that didn’t exist before and it has the energy of life in it, because it and we have faced all that has happened, and it is still happening, still inviting your contribution, your energy and still on a journey with you.

Come! Celebrate! Connect!

The Village – Substance of Substance

See, as far as possible its all up to the people who come to The Village that creates the experience and continues to design the ongoing experience.
Village 1 is about FOCUS,  Village 2 is The Village of SUBSTANCE, then comes FORM, the Village 4 is DETERMINING energy, Village 5 is UNDERSTANDING, Village 6 IMAGINATION, Village 7 FREEDOM, Village 8 PATTERN, Village 9 CHAOS, The Village 0 COMPLETION & REBIRTH, The Village Substance – Focus and now The Village – Substance of Substance
In The Village 0 at Natural Bridge in South East Queensland….
The Village is a growing gathering of friends seeking a fresh paradigm for life.
The Village each time is all about what you can contribute. You enter the property in a place of PEACE with everything and everyone and we dance and weave a tapestry from that place.
You are welcome to enjoy the space and to contribute whatever it is that you bring as your shining, your gift, your unique offering.
Dive into the experience and enjoy a beautiful location, community kitchen, rockpool hot spa, swimming hole, workshops, kids adventures, games, bush regeneration, lively discussion, face to face social interaction and whatever else you, the villagers bring and create.
Whatever you bring will be added to the programme.
It could be a coffee outlet, workshops, child care, cooking or culinary skills, games organiser, PA supplier, song and dance, laughter yoga, Red Tent, Men’s circle, ceremony, weaving, story telling, or a myriad of other offerings…..
Come and experience the sensational heart open journey into The Village – Substance of Substance at The Famunity at Natural Bridge.
With deep thanks and gratitude to The Famunity and to all those who see, support and hold the vision for a choice in co-creating our future.